Relaunch of Ouroboros

I have now removed my ebook, Ouroboros, from Amazon for the reasons given in this post.

I am relaunching the pdf version at the lower price of $10.00 AUD which, at the time of writing, is approximately $7.65 USD and £5.90 UK.

One reason people requested a Kindle version was in order to sample the book before buying it. I have therefore put together a sample of Chapter 7 on rubrics which you can download below:

Ouroboros – Sampler

You can buy Ouroboros here:

Add to Cart

Below are excerpts from some reviews of Ouroboros with a link to those reviews:

“In short, despite being determined to find something in this book to disagree with, I found myself nodding along with tedious frequency. Although I consider myself more than a little familiar with Greg’s thinking, I still found plenty of fresh thought and experienced a couple of ‘A-ha!’ moments as concepts I’ve been mulling over for some time settled neatly into place. The point being, however much you think you know, you’ll probably learn something from this book.” David Didau

“It’s a very elegantly and sparely written account of Greg’s experiences of teaching in England and Australia, and of the education research which is relevant to his experiences… Highly recommended.” Daisy Christodoulou

“If you are a fan of his blogs and articles, Ouroboros is a must for your collection… On that same hand, however: if you are a fan of Ashman’s blogs and articles, Ouroboros may be an even bigger must for your as-yet-unfamiliar colleagues and friends.” Eric Kalenze



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