Last chance to buy Ouroboros on Amazon

I am going to take my ebook, Ouroboros off Amazon Kindle in a few days. I put it on Amazon’s platform because a number of people requested a Kindle version. However, this has not been a great move. Amazon take a large royalty from each sale and also place a threshold on payments to authors. For instance, I have to amass £100 of royalties in the UK before Amazon pay me and I separately have to amass $100 in the U.S. before I get a payment from there. My book is of niche interest and my readers are distributed across different countries and so I have not reached this threshold anywhere. Hence I have not received a cent from Amazon.

The other issue is that I have had to raise the price of the pdf version available through this blog. This is because Amazon do not allow you to sell your book at a lower price on a different platform.

Therefore, if you are keen to get the Amazon version then you have a few days left. I am then going to revert to the pdf only version available through this site and drop the price. 

This post contains links to the book on Amazon and to some reviews.



2 Comments on “Last chance to buy Ouroboros on Amazon”

  1. […] I have now removed my ebook, Ouroboros, from Amazon for the reasons given in this post. […]

  2. What was the original price on Amazon? Just out of curiosity. $10 is very reasonable, sounds like it was a good move Greg.

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