Ouroboros now available on Amazon

My ebook, Ouroboros, is now available to purchase on Amazon.





If you are interested then you might want to read one of these reviews:

David Didau

Owen Carter

Eric Kalenze

Daisy Christodoulou

If you have read Ouroboros already then please leave a review on Amazon.

You can still buy a pdf copy here for $15.00 AUD.



5 Comments on “Ouroboros now available on Amazon”

  1. […] Edit 25th April 2016: Ouroboros is now available on Amazon. […]

  2. […] Read about my ebook, “Ouroboros” here. […]

  3. […] Willingham notes the influence of Jean Piaget in shaping this… er… culture in which the child’s individual discoveries are placed at the heart of learning. In the early 1980s, Seymour Papert built on the work of Piaget to develop ‘constructionism‘; a theory that prioritised the need for students to solve problems themselves and create a physical product. It was Papert that developed the computer programming language LOGO and a little robot buggy known as a ‘turtle’ which could be controlled by the language and draw patterns on the floor. As a student at that time, I had a mess around with LOGO myself (I wrote about this more in my ebook). […]

  4. […] This post contains links to the book on Amazon and to some reviews. […]

  5. Stan says:

    I’d say leave it on amazon a bit longer but get your reviewers to go and add their reviews. It was so much easier reading it on my kindle.


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