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I am a teacher living and working in Australia. Supported by my school, I have developed a love of educational research. I am now embarking upon a PhD. Everything that I write reflects my own personal opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of my employer or any other organisation.

All articles are Copyright Greg Ashman from the date of publication.


11 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. No, Yeats probably didn’t say it, but it has sufficient historical grounds to be “quoteworthy.” And besides, are you suggesting that the opposite is true? That education in fact IS the filling of a pail? And that if it’s misattributed to Yeats that it’s less true?

  2. laura says:

    How superficial of me to miss that important detail. I just committed strawman sarcasm. I hope you can forgive me, since whenever I see anything representative of Dr. Mann’s positive achievements, I tend to skim over the writing, since my sense of his positive achievements is negative.

  3. Sally says:

    Hello from a retired teacher with one foot still in the trenches … & two hands in the dog world. How’s that Ph D coming? Nice commentary on testimonials & quack medicine except the last input).

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