This is the homepage of Greg Ashman, a teacher living and working in Australia. Nothing that I write or that I link to necessarily reflects the view of my school.

Read about my ebook, “Ouroboros” here.

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I have written for Spiked magazine

Educationalists: Teaching bad ideas

Teachers have lost their mojo

I have written for The Conversation:

Ignore the fads

Why students make silly mistakes

Some of my writing is also on the researchED website workingoutwhatworks.com

Briefing: Meta-cognition

Your own personal PISA

I used to write articles for the the TES. These now appear to have been paywalled. I will probably make them available on my blog at some point. If you have access then you can find them here:

Create waves of learningMaster the mysterious art of explanationTaking a critical look at praiseBehaviourGreat Scott! Let’s push the brain to its limitsThe science fiction that doing is bestMake them sit up and take noticeFor great rewards, sweat the small stuffWhere the grass is brownerStand-out teaching – minus differentiation



One Comment on “Welcome”

  1. Ann in L.A. says:

    As to #3, I was planning on writing something about that this morning after an experience yesterday at the 13-year-old’s school. Because of rehearsals for the school play, the majority of his classmates were away from class. So, the school had a student teacher/school employee come in to the class to do an activity. From the sound of it, she was working on a research project and was using the students to collect data…

    …on learning styles.

    She had the kids talk about and think about what learning styles they had and how they best liked to learn.

    When my kid told me this at the end of the day, I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel. This teacher is going through ed school to get their degree, and is clueless. I was yelling in the car wondering whether she ever bothered to do a basic literature search.

    It shouldn’t be that a parent (actually an aunt) with only an interest in education theory knows more about an utterly debunked theory that than a so-called educator who is enrolled in ed school.

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