The right to choose your child’s education

I recently learned that the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights has a few things to say about education.

Under Article 26, it states that, “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”

I wonder what implications this has for parents whose local government school has a lax attitude to behaviour or an impoverished curriculum and who cannot afford to send their kids to an independent school?

Perhaps Free Schools and Charter Schools are a human rights issue.


4 thoughts on “The right to choose your child’s education

  1. Tara Houle says:

    It should be. I was before a judge last year arguing this exact thing. The Province is in charge of curriculum, but when the curriculum is faulty, and kids fall through the cracks, and parents have to step in to ensure kid actually learns something, shouldn’t there be a review as to whom is responsible for implementing this faulty document? Quick answer to that is “no”. Because The School Act – which basically says nothing but protects everyone – doesn’t allow for any further recourse from parents. With few exceptions: physical and emotional abuse. It should be a human rights issue, but unless there’s a huge upsurge of dissent from parents, the likelihood of that occurring is miniscule.

  2. The set of parents who have the means and inclination to fight a court battle but not to move or send their children to a private school is going to be small.

    Also, in part schooling options are a way to improve a child’s chances in a competitive job market. There is an incentive there to focus on your own child rather than dilute your efforts and help everyone’s which would have less effect and reduce the relative advantage you can give your own child.

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