Sign up for the new researchED magazine

March, this year, will see the publication of the first issue of the new researchED magazine. There are many top contributors (and also me). According to the website:

“Contributors to the first issue include: Carl Hendrick; Professor Robert Davis; Benjamin Riley, Deans for Impact; Sam Freedman; Pedro de Bruyckere; Professor Daniel Willingham; Nick Rose; Daisy Christodoulou; Professor Paul Kirschner; an interview with Professor John Sweller; Greg Ashman; Jennifer Buckingham.”

Which is quite extraordinary.

It looks like the first few issues will be free and will be sent to any address in the world. No membership fees or credit card details are required. So I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t sign-up.

The beauty of researchED is that it is a grassroots, teacher-led movement. That makes it a little edgy and a bit different from your usual education fare. So a researchED magazine is exactly what we need.

As my students would bafflingly say: Get around it!


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