Glenn Savage

Glenn Savage is an associate professor at the University of Western Australia who is an expert in education reform and the author of the book, “The Quest for Revolution in Australian Schooling Policy”. In this episode, Glenn talks to Greg Ashman about ‘alignment thinking’ and asks whether ever greater alignment in education policy is necessarily a good thing. Along the way, Glenn and Greg discuss Australia’s education system, how it has arisen and the role of evidence and ‘what works’ in framing school reform. 


One thought on “Glenn Savage

  1. Good to finally hear some critique of the HITs that dominate teachers in Victorian Govt Schools. Thought you may also critique the 10-HITs from an evidence angle, given your paper critiquing Meta-Cognition from the EEF toolkit & the inclusion of Meta-cognition as one of the 10-HITs, based on Hattie, who uses much of the same papers as the EEF.

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