Introducing: The Power of Explicit Teaching and Direct Instruction

In 2016, I self-published an ebook, Ouroboros. It was written over the summer and idiosyncratically and giddily careened through a few topics of particular interest to me at that time. These topics were loosely held together by the metaphor of the Ouroborous, a serpent or dragon that eats its own tail.

I am sure many who may otherwise have been tempted to take a look at Ouroboros never did so because they couldn’t figure out what it was about. I am sure of this because a number of people told me so.

After the publication of my first book with SAGE Publishing, The Truth About Teaching, James Clark, my editor, and I discussed the idea of a second edition of Ouroboros, sharpening its agenda around the specific issue of explicit teaching. My new book, The Power of Explicit Teaching and Direct Instruction is the result of that discussion.

In the end, not much of Ouroboros remains. When you return to something you have written after four years, you tend to be able to think of different ways to explain things and of better evidence to draw upon – evidence that, in many cases, only accumulated in the intervening period. Those who are familiar with Ouroboros will sense its skeletal remains in Chapters 2, 3 and 4. The rest of the chapters are entirely new.

Initially, the The Power of Explicit Teaching and Direct Instruction was slated for a February release, but now it looks like being available in December. It currently seems that people in the UK who pre-order will get their copy before Christmas, whereas Aussie’s will have to wait to the new year. I am not sure about the US.

You can pre-order here:

The official AU/NZ distributor is actually Booktopia, but its not yet showing on their website.

Now, could you help me out? I would like to record an episode of my podcast where someone interviews me, with a focus on this book. Are you currently working as a teacher? Would you be interested? If so, complete the feedback form below. I will then choose someone who will also be given an electronic copy to read in advance of the recording – this will probably take place in November.


7 thoughts on “Introducing: The Power of Explicit Teaching and Direct Instruction

  1. sabandy56 says:

    I have pre-ordered your book. I follow you on social media. Thank you for your posts. Following you has helped me understand the importance of explicit instruction. I help new teachers earn certification and I now provide instruction and support for their use of explicit instruction in the classroom. I consider this one of the fundamental strategies.

  2. Daniel S says:

    Long time reader, first time commenting. Congratulations on finishing the book, I have no idea how you have the time to write a book amongst everything else that you do! I have pre-ordered a copy and look forward to reading it.

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