Glimpsing something bigger

I have no idea if it is still there. 

I used to be into clubbing. I don’t mean the kind that involves repeatedly striking something with a blunt object. Instead, I am thinking about Fabric, Turnmills, The End and holidays in Ibiza. These were the days of superstar DJs and long lie-ins.

But we would often start the night at the Tattershall Castle. That’s the place I’m not sure still exists.

The Tattershall Castle was a boat moored on the Thames that served as a pub. We would start our evenings there for a good reason – the Houses of Parliament looked out over us and this gave a sense of connection to something bigger. It was a potent feeling. We were part of something; a story.

I felt that tonight when I walked down a road, turned a corner and there, before me, was Sydney Harbour Bridge. I was somewhere, connecting to something bigger than me; something that mattered.

This is what a knowledge rich education does. It connects us to something bigger and gives us a sense of where we are, who we are, and how we got here. It places us in the world and so it is a wonderful gift to give to our children.


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