Delta Goodrem to play a Reading Recovery teacher 

Someone in one of my networks drew attention to the fact that an actor by the name of Delta Goodrem has announced that she will be playing a Reading Recovery teacher in an Australian soap. It’s called “House Husbands” of all things.

I don’t watch much TV and so I had to look her up on Wikipedia. She was once in Neighbours and I’ve heard of that so you might have heard of Delta already.

I think this link to Delta’s Facebook page might work. In the process of obtaining it I think I’ve accidentally shared it on my timeline which will confuse my friends.

The Facebook post is interesting due to the number of comments from people arguing that Reading Recovery is not effective and that she should have researched the role better.

I share the worry that glamorising Reading Recovery in this way might set reading instruction back a little.


2 thoughts on “Delta Goodrem to play a Reading Recovery teacher 

  1. Very interesting/concerning, Greg. We raised the issue of a BBC documentary ‘B is for Book’ in which Reading Recovery methods were portrayed, arguably, undermining the phonics programme and approach the school also used.

    Apparently the school is a ‘Reading Recovery’ school and has not had training in the Read Write Inc phonics programme that is evident as we see the RWI resources.

    I’ve reposted your observations on this thread via the International Foundation For Effective Reading Instruction forum:

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