Why Michaela Community School must be really rubbish

Now, we all knew that MCS would be rubbish, right? I mean, it’s a free school run by the wrong sorts: you know, folks who aren’t like us. But now we have evidence to prove it’s rubbish:

1. People keep visiting, writing blogs and saying how impressed they are with it. You can’t get more damning than that.

2. The kids walk through the corridors in silence from lesson to lesson, purposefully. I mean, that’s just not right, is it? What are they like the Borg or something? And when do we ever expect adults to do that? (don’t answer -it was rhetorical and I don’t have the time). Everyone knows that effective schools have noisy corridors and stuff. Everyone knows.

3. Er…


4 Comments on “Why Michaela Community School must be really rubbish”

  1. Mike Stuchbery says:


  2. Haha, thanks Greg. Made me smile! That school’s been the core of a wave of conversation online. All very interesting.

  3. teachwell says:

    Exactly – trial by damnation. The very people who condemn it have no problem with noisy corridors that were themselves a product of someones thinking and ‘innovation’.

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