Jenny Donovan

Dr Jenny Donovan is head of the newly formed Australian Education Research Organisation (AERO). Prior to that Jenny has had an influential career in education which has included the founding of the Centre for Education Statistics (CESE) in New South Wales, Australia. In this episode, Jenny talks to Greg Ashman about her journey into education, the work of CESE, including its review of Reading Recovery and its publication of resources on cognitive load theory. Jenny and Greg then discuss AERO and its plans for the future.


One thought on “Jenny Donovan

  1. thank you for your interview. Next time you interview Jenny can you ask a bit more about the details of the research she used? She mentioned the “what works best” which are based on Hattie’s work. She also mentioned later in the the interview the “what work best” has not changed, yet this is easily challenged. Your article about the EEF challenged this to some degree, e.g you said , “If true randomised controlled trials can generate misleading effect sizes like this, then what monsters wait under the bed of the meta-meta-analysis conducted by Hattie and the EEF?”. But there are also many more peer review challenges. Also, the new organisation Jenny is moving to AERO, has recruited the CEO from EEF, Kevin Collins, so wont AERO just be a copy of EEF? and have all the dangers you wrote about. For teachers working under these regimes its a pretty big deal!

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