Paul Kirschner

Paul Kirschner is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the Open University of the Netherlands and Guest Professor at Thomas More University of Applied Science in Belgium. In this episode, Paul talks to Greg Ashman about his long career in educational psychology, the key distinction between epistemology and pedagogy and that Minimal Guidance paper he wrote with John Sweller and Richard Clark. Paul and Greg also discuss Paul’s new book co-authored with Carl Hendrick, How Learning Happens. Unfortunately, Paul and Greg run out of time before all of Greg’s questions are answered and so Paul has agreed to return in the future.


One thought on “Paul Kirschner

  1. I have to post a positive about Paul Kirschner’s with Carl HendrickL How Learning Happens! I am reading it now, and all of it resonates with me, as he addresses repeated (False) ideas that teachers and principals say to me time and time again! THANKS SO MUCH your book, Paul… If I had the money, I would buy it for every principal in Australia! Just GREAT! Keep up this great work! Best always, Gail B.

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