Rabbiting on in the New South Wales parliament

This morning, I appeared as a witness at the New South Wales (NSW) parliamentary inquiry into the recent NSW Curriculum Review conducted by Professor Geoff Masters. This was prompted by my submission to this inquiry. I appeared alongside Dr. Fiona Mueller whose submission was far more comprehensive than mine.

As part of this process, I was able to submit further documents. So, I sent my chapter on differentiation from The researchED Guide to Education Myths which expanded on points I made in my submission and I wrote a piece explicitly dealing with the concept of Learning Progressions.

I hope I did myself justice. I found myself rabbiting on a little, in contrast to the carefully weighed and measured comments of Dr Mueller. The fact is that there is so much I want to say on this topic and careening around the finer points of international comparisons was probably not needed. At one point, I lost the thread and at another, I failed to explain my alternative to learning progressions. Thankfully, Dr Mueller made this point – we need a set of rigorous assessments.


3 thoughts on “Rabbiting on in the New South Wales parliament

  1. Andrew Bomberry says:

    Greetings! I have read in a few places your disagreement with learning progressions. I have also read your respect and appreciation for Daisy Christodoulou, who as best I can tell champions learning progressions. I was wondering if that’s an area where you two disagree, or is her definition of learning progressions different (and possibly agreeable) from what you disagree about with the term? Thanks!

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