An apology

The truth is that not everyone on social media is particularly pleasant. I am sure they are fine in real life, but Twitter can bring out the worst in people.

When I first joined the medium, I tended to put up with this. The trouble is that as you gain followers, ever more of the bad stuff is flung at you and so I am now pretty quick to mute or block people who resort to personal attacks.

Although this stops me from seeing this stuff, it is unfortunately of little help to you. If you tweet out one of my blog posts or reply to me on Twitter these people are likely to haunt your timeline, telling stories about me. I am sorry about that.

The stories are virtually always untrue. I do not block people for disagreeing with me. I am not a misogynist/racist/[insert here]ist, I am not on the ‘far right’* and I do not incite my followers to attack people. If you are one of my followers, you will know that.

My suggestion is to ignore these people or get rid of them from your timeline. If you have the patience, ask to see the evidence to support their accusations. There won’t be any.

*It is a source of great sorrow to me that I have been on the centre-left all of my life and yet such accusations are still made. I have only ever voted for the British Labour Party and the Australian Labor Party but in these polarised times, pretty much anyone can be accused of being far-right. This is not just a personal complaint. The net effect of this phenomenon is to destroy the centre-left, making the left unelectable in the process and handing control of the world to right-wing populists like Donald Trump.


3 thoughts on “An apology

    • I know you want what’s best and I understand that can be frustrating at times if you think important ideas are being ignored. I welcome your comments on this blog. I muted you on Twitter because you told me to stick to what I know best – physics. I will unmute you now and we can move on. Best wishes.

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