My talk at #MSH2018

Below is a video of my recent talk at Making Shift Happen in Amsterdam.

It is a little frustrating to watch because you can’t see the slides I’m referring to. Even if you could, that wouldn’t help most of you because they had been translated into Dutch.

Below is a link to the English version of the slides.

Education and the Individual

If I knew how, I could probably edit the video and cut them in at the right places. I do not know how.


5 thoughts on “My talk at #MSH2018

  1. I’m trying to read and understand this new paper — From Cognitive Load Theory to Collaborative Cognitive Load Theory, Kirschner, Kirschner, Sweller, Zambrano, 2018. Will you have room in your PHD work on Cognitive Load Theory to add or comment on this dimension?

    1. It’s not really my area. However, collaboration has the potential to reduce individual cognitive load by sharing it across individuals. You would need tasks that exceed the working memory limits of an individual but that are within the limits of a group. These sound tricky to design but could be intrinsic to some areas of work.

      This analysis ignores aspects such as social loafing that affect real-world group work.

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