England’s ‘teacher-led’ Chartered College of Teaching to be led by non-teachers

They promised a ‘teacher-led’ College of Teaching:

And they did this on many occasions:

But then they got lots of cash from the government and something funny happened. The Chartered College of Teaching ended-up being led by non-teachers:

Teachers cannot rely on others. Teachers need to take control of their own profession. These bureaucracies have no legitimacy to speak for teachers.


8 thoughts on “England’s ‘teacher-led’ Chartered College of Teaching to be led by non-teachers

  1. Teaching is essentially a craft; a rather special one as it conveys academic education and itself has substantial academic content. Nevertheless, it is a human craft and about being in front of and teaching a class of children. So, it is essential that education and development is conducted by suitable trained and experienced teachers, not bureaucrats, academics (who haven’t taught), public servants, economists (I think of Gonski), or pals of the establishment.

  2. Tom Burkard says:

    The Chartered College has an existential problem: anyone who has the time to lead it cannot possibly be a teacher. And until our teachers have a more effective voice than our politicised teaching unions–all stuffed with careerist bureaucrats–the workload problem will never improved to the point where teachers would have the time and energy to devote to leading a professional organisation.

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