Preview pages from my new book are now available

It currently looks like my new book, The Truth about Teaching: An evidence-informed guide for new teachers, will be released on the 11th August in the UK and Australia, although the US Amazon site is stating September. Amazon have a feature where you can ‘look inside’ a book and Tunya Audain left a comment on yesterday’s post, pointing out that this is now up and running for The Truth. You can view it on either the UK or US Amazon sites. For some reason, the Australian Amazon site is not listing my book.

The preview captures the preface, acknowledgements and the first section of the first chapter, which is a brief history of education. Hopefully, this will give you a feel for the book and whether you think it is worth purchasing.

I had been worrying a little about what people would think about The Truth, but this has faded in the last few weeks. Without doubt, there are some people who will not like it on principle and there’s not much I can do about that. The real test is whether new teachers, and perhaps parents or others who want a way in to understanding education, find it useful. If they do, then it has been a success.


6 thoughts on “Preview pages from my new book are now available

  1. I wonder if the term ‘evidence-informed’ hasn’t been irrevocably tarnished by publication of so much advice based upon faulty evidence, or at least misuse of relevant evidence. Having read most of the EEF Toolkit, the term certainly sets my teeth on edge. It’s a bit late now, but maybe it would be a good idea to convey that sifting through the mountains of educational research that have accumulated over the last generation or two is a bit more like reading the entrails than we’d like to admit.

    1. Tom, you and I go back a long way to when Education Consumers Clearinghouse was very active in discussing various education reforms. It’s easy to be cynical because we’ve seen so many fads and downright frauds. But, you’re still in the fight, doing your best for education and helping students.

      I can agree with your reservations about the term “evidence-informed” being over-used. However, I think the term that is really faulty is “evidence-based” and clearly more people are using “evidence-informed” to provide for choices. I think practitioners should be made to post a shingle noting their methods and philosophy. Thus, customers would be making an informed choice when they subscribe to their program. I think parents in particular, after reading Greg’s book, would be better equipped to ask the right questions to discern methods, training, ideology, etc. I’ve added a new comment below why I think Greg’s book will be making a difference in the education community.

  2. I have read what is currently available in the preview. It looks very interesting and I look forward to reading your book in entirety. Will it be available digitally?

  3. This promises to be a significant book on education and bound to ruffle more than a few peoples’ feathers. From the table of contents we see issues that have engendered controversy in education conversations around the globe. After a long teaching, blogging and academic career Greg has been around the block on most of these issues, many times (I follow his blog). Thus, I expect he’s current with most of the research on important education topics. That’s why I am eagerly awaiting his book. I’ve ordered from and Book Depository. Interesting — Depository offers the book 10% off and free shipping anywhere in the world! I’ll see which comes first. I need two because one will be a loaner, hating to part even briefly with my red-pencilled and annotated books.

    I’m hoping this is the book I’ve been waiting for to recommend to parents. It took me half a century to get to the point where I understand a lot of the problems, which too frequently are political and not related to pedagogy. Today’s parents should not endure being bamboozled in trying to secure a good education for their children. In order to make good choices, parents need good information. And that is why I am very impressed that the book aims to highlight evidence-informed truths as they appear today. There should not be a chasm between what is known and what is taught in the teacher education colleges.

    Yes, I expect feathers will be ruffled. But some of the buzz already generated about this book promises some lively conversations, and hopefully a lot more professionalism in the education industry.

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