The Metaquiry Accelerator

A recent article in The TES prompted me to resurrect my old spoof site. It’s not to everyone’s taste…

Making Learners Extraordinary ™

If you were wondering about the lack of recent posts, then I probably should explain that I have spent the last six months cycling around Peru, raising awareness for the children. I can tell you it was a real eye-opening experience, apart from when it was dusty.

Prior to that, I spent a lot of time having dinners across the globe with committed edupreneurs, changemakers and changepreneurs. At one such event, I found myself in discussion with Andreas Schleicher of the OECD and PISA. He was kind of bummed-out that the most recent set of PISA results showed the wrong thing; that inquiry learning was associated with worse science scores. We knew that wasn’t right and so we chewed it over, along with the poached wild salmon with a watercress and butter reduction.

After a while, I was struck by an epiphany. A light bulb literally went on inside my…

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