The truth about teaching – chapter list and pre-ordering

In August / September, my new book, The Truth About Teaching: an evidence-informed guide for new teachers, will be published.

As a taster, I thought you might be interested in the chapter list. There’s a Preface and then:

  1. A short history of education
  2. Classroom management
  3. The science of learning
  4. Motivating students
  5. Explicit teaching
  6. Alternatives to explicit teaching
  7. Planning lessons
  8. Assessment and feedback
  9. Using technology
  10. The phonics debate
  11. To be a teacher

There are some sites where you can already pre-order (although there is no photo up as yet and I’m not sure the blurb is quite right):

Australians can pre-order the paperback here

If you’re in the UK then you can pre-order here

Americans and others can pre-order a Kindle version here

I discovered these links by searching myself so I’m not sure when other versions will be up on different sites.



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