Dr Stephen Norton at researchED Melbourne, 1st July 2017

I filmed this video at the researchED event held on Saturday 1st July at Brighton Grammar. Stephen Norton is someone who I have wanted to meet and hear speak for some time. This particular presentation does not lend itself well to filming – Norton eschewed PowerPoint and had more of a discussion with the people in the room, some of whom challenged him on a number of points. You can hear these interventions on the audio track. As Norton walks around, he bobs in and out of the video and you can’t always see what he is doing. There are also a couple of errors in places. However, I still think it is well worth viewing if you want a sense of the debate around teaching elementary maths in Australia.

Stephen Norton gave a keynote on Monday 3rd July. This is a more traditional kind of presentation and I hope it is available soon.

You can view John Hattie’s talk here, Jen Buckingham’s talk here and my talk here.


3 thoughts on “Dr Stephen Norton at researchED Melbourne, 1st July 2017

  1. Astounded by how rude some of the audience were during this talk. It was entitled “Computational Methods” or something similar yet some people thought that it was fine to interject with their own opinions on maths engagement, even though it wasn’t the topic of his talk. Can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear Stephen tell an audience member at one point that they were welcome to pursue their own doctorate if they wanted to be considered an authority in maths.

    I found the strategies outlined extremely useful and have already begun using some of Stephen’s methods in my Year 4 classroom. Fingers crossed that he makes the trek back to Melbourne some time soon.

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