Draft programme released for researchED Melbourne 2017

A draft programme has been released for the researchED Melbourne conference taking place on Saturday 1st July at Brighton grammar. As if to prove the point that researchED is a grassroots, shoestring initiative, there are still a few typos, including in the blurb for my talk:


If you would like to purchase a ticket then you can do so here:

Purchase tickets

I will be discussing the history of education. In particular, I will propose that educational ideas that are presented as shiny and new are often nothing of the sort and have a rich lineage. Moreover, many of these ideas have been proven wrong repeatedly by successive generations and are inconsistent with up-to-date understandings of cognition.

If you want to get a feel for my arguments then read this post.

I love that researchED is a conference organised by teachers, for teachers. As such, it feels different from conferences run by academics or commercial interests. I value conferences about education organised by any interested group but I do believe that researchED adds something a little different and special, particularly in the mix of teachers, academics and policy specialists that it manages to attract. If you’re familiar with traditional education conferences then you might hear something at researchED that surprises you.


4 thoughts on “Draft programme released for researchED Melbourne 2017

  1. Hi Greg

    Thanks for this info.

    Nice program!

    Can you tell me if all day parking is available at or near the school?



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