Tool for comparing PISA performance

You may have noticed that I have tweeted a few graphs comparing the PISA results of two different countries.

I created a Google Sheet in order to do this. I have made this available so that you can have a play with this sheet too. You will need a Google login.

First, you will need to download a version from this link:


If you are signed in to your Google account then you will be asked if you want to make a copy. If you are not signed-in then you will first be prompted to do so.

Once you have your own copy, you should be able to change the two countries from the United States and Scotland to whichever two countries you like. Just select from the drop-down lists in the yellow boxes. Make sure you select the country with the most complete PISA record in the first yellow box because it is this country that defines the years that will appear:

You will then generate three graphs; one for each country and one combined graph that looks like this:

A few points to note

I grabbed the average scores from Wikipedia because these were in the most user-friendly format. I did cross-check a few of these with PISA’s own reports and found no mistakes but it is possible that some scores are not correct if they were incorrect in Wikipedia.

I have added England and Scotland at the end of the list of countries. I would eventually like to include all of the regions and provinces that form part of a larger entity but that have their own results e.g. Alberta. However, I have found this data much more difficult to scrape off the internet – it requires trawling through many reports that are often in different formats. If anyone wants to take on this work then that would be great.

I am starting to put together something similar for TIMSS.


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