5 education ideas applied to alternative contexts

“We need to make driving more engaging so that drivers won’t break the speed limit or park illegally”

“I sent my paycheck back to my employer, explaining that extrinsic rewards produce short-term compliance and not long-term intrinsic motivation.”

“We don’t need national disease screening programmes because they deprofessionalise doctors who are quite capable of spotting diseases themselves.”

“The British Museum should focus less on historical objects and more on the transferable skills of collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.”

“We need to move away from a punitive approach to tax evasion.”


4 thoughts on “5 education ideas applied to alternative contexts

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  2. Iain Murphy says:

    The last one applied to bigger crimes is demonstrably true when combined with other factors such as racism. Even for tax evasion if they spent more time teaching why taxes are important and made it harder to evade (less loopholes) society might be in a better state.

    Think the doctor one is iffy. If we are screening for smallpox and spending millions to do it rather than train better doctors because the smallpox lobby team has more money to spend lobbying the government, that’s a problem.

    And if you work for the pay check, I’m not sure you are enjoying your job as shown by all the surveys of successful people that enjoy their jobs.

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