Knowledge debate at the Global Education and Skills Forum

Regular readers of this blog will be interested in the following livestream of a Varkey Foundation debate involving Nick Gibb, Andreas Schleicher, Daisy Christodoulou and Gabriel Zinny:

At this point, it would be really good to be able to link to a curated list of my PISA blog posts but I can’t because I don’t have one. I think that needs to go on the to-do list.


5 thoughts on “Knowledge debate at the Global Education and Skills Forum

  1. I find it astonishing that Schleicher refuses to acknowledge the PISA evidence that he’s actually in charge of disseminating. It’s also a revelation to see how the audience starts to assimilate, and understand what is really important behind the facts, and the hollow ringing of the cliches, and rhetoric of 21st century learning.

    Very inspiring. Thanks for posting.

  2. Interesting viewing. I found the arguments put forward by the progressives incredibly weak. I wish we had an Ed. minister like Nick Gibb here in Aust.

    Nick Gibb is correct when using the term “slight of hand” in relation to the progressive argument. Progs will claim that they still believe in knowledge yet we can never be sure how much knowledge. Is it a little or a lot? I think they only want teachers to teach a little. They skate over the knowledge part in their rush to get to “the important bit”, which to them is the skill.

    I think we should press them on how much class room time should be spent on facts being taught via the teacher and ask them to be very specific. I suspect, in reality, they would argue for very little. They are being deceitful when they claim to honor knowledge.

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