Apply neuroscience in your classroom!

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I recently visited Barry Rubiou over at West Bay University’s Cognition Lab. There, they are working on a brand new form of instruction guided by the latest findings in neural imagining. They call this ‘Neuro-Scientific Pedagogy’ or NSP for short and it offers the potential to totally revolutionise the work of schools.

You can do this yourself with some brain clip art Different sections of the brain highlighted in different colours. Brain scanning studies conducted in Rubiou’s lab have demonstrated that we learn less efficiently when under extreme duress, when in physical pain or when intoxicated. We never knew this before and it totally explains why traditional forms of instruction are completely ineffective.

Rubiou’s team have also identified that our brainsactually growwhen we make a mistake! This happens even if we are not aware that we have made a mistake. It also happens before we have even made a mistake. This has massive implications. For instance, teachers should…

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One thought on “Apply neuroscience in your classroom!

  1. Mike says:

    Ha! Nice one.

    I’m not sure whether it was your spiked colleague Brendan O’Neill who coined the term “neurobollocks” or whether he borrowed it from someone else, but it’s a perfect description of all the tendentious brain-scan whizz-bangery that drives so many of the recent education fads.

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