Is NAPLAN numeracy being dumbed-down?

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Today, we heard through a Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority bulletin of changes to the format of national NAPLAN numeracy tests for Years 7 and 9.

Previously, there were two papers; a calculator and a non-calculator paper worth a total of 64 marks. Now there is only going to be one paper worth 48 marks. Only 8 of these marks are non-calculator. This seems incredible.

Yet I can’t find any information online at present from ACARA, the authority in charge of NAPLAN. And I also don’t recall any consultation.

On the surface of it, it certainly looks like dumbing-down: a victory for the who-needs-to-know-maths-because-calculators party.

Watch this space.


4 Comments on “Is NAPLAN numeracy being dumbed-down?”

  1. It does seem that way, doesn’t it? Argh!

  2. Looking for more about this on the NAP site, they have listed the time for the Numeracy tests as 60 minutes

  3. […] my initial post on this topic, ACARA have added a note to their website to explain the changes. The main change to […]

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