FAQ: My Superpower

Question: You are a prolific blogger. How do you find the time?


The short answer is that I don’t sleep much.

I starting writing in 2012. At this time, I wrote under a pseudonym and posted about once a month. My sleeping habits were deteriorating and I used to wake up at about 3.00 am, full of ideas. I would generally go back to sleep by about 4.00 am.

I found that it helped to have a notebook by the bed. Once I had written my thoughts, it was easier to go back to sleep.

But this didn’t last.

After a while, I would wake at 3.00 am and nothing could send me back to sleep. I wrote notes in my notebook but it didn’t help. I still have that notebook by my bed.

It was at this point that I decided that it was a waste of time and energy to be awake, frustrated and producing nothing. So I started to blog in the dark on my phone.

These posts were, and still are, full of typos. So I wouldn’t publish them immediately. Instead, I tried to find some time during the day. Sometimes they stay if draft for a while.

This still happens most nights. I don’t write all my posts like this but it accounts for most of them. So that’s why I post a lot. 


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