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For some time now, here at the Extraordinary Learning Foundation™, we have been working on Actionizing Thinkiness. This is why we developed the Think-it-out™ toolkit. We have been working with teachers to help engage more thinking in their otherwise thought-free lessons.

However, we have encountered a problem. Teachers typically use the toolkit to direct questions to students in class. In other words, the teacher maintains complete control over the learning episode. This is self-evidently undesirable so we wondered whether we could develop a model of co-deliveracy that was authentic, engaging and allowed learners to take control of the thinkiness.

This is the thinking behind the thinking that led to us thinking-up the idea of Thinkiballs™.

Mace Jakins is a fifth grade social studies teacher at Benington International School, UA. His chestnut hair shines as he describes the process of working with one of our Extraordinary Learning Foundation™ Associates on…

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One thought on “Thinkiballs

  1. To me this still shows far too much oppressive direction by the teacher. Who is to say that these six questions are the only valid things that learners can ask? How can you possible activate cognition using just these six brain muscles? If you were at all serious about making this product work, you would not restrict what appears on the leaners’ Thinkiballs in this way. If, for example, a learner projects a Thinkiball with not even words but with an anatomically implausible diagram of their genitalia, the advanced practitioner will be able to reflect as to what question the learner is really trying to ask, and what they are saying about society. It doesn’t get much more authentic than this.

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