Melbourne to host researchED

Exciting news folks: researchED is coming to Melbourne! Have a look at the eventbrite ticketing site for some of the names already listed to speak. They all look great and should make for some interesting presentations and panel discussions. I don’t really want to single anyone out but I think most of the presenters would admit that it’s something of a coup to get Geoff Masters of ACER and Patrick Griffin, the assessment guru from Melbourne University.

I helped to organise the first researchED conference in Australia which took place in Sydney last year. This time, I haven’t been as involved, although I have been aware of the event for a while. I particularly like the way that costs are kept to a minimum so that the price of a ticket is way cheaper than any other education conference. Most conferences tend to take place on a weekday which is fine for academics and school leaders but can make it hard for teachers to attend when there are classes that need covering. So the fact that it is both inexpensive and on a Saturday means that there is the greatest possible chance of engaging practising teachers with education research.

I’m grateful to Tom Bennett for taking the chance to again bring researchED down-under and to my neck of the woods this time. It dovetails with ACER’s “Excellence in Professional Practice,” conference which is also aimed at practising teachers. So get yourself along to Melbourne and, if you are visiting Victoria for the event, consider a trip to my home town of Ballarat while you are here. It’s a truly beautiful place.

I’ll be in attendance and I might even get the chance to say a few words in a quiet corner. And I’ll certainly be around for a bit of socialising afterwards so say, ‘Hello’. It should be lots of fun.



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