Tea-time at the hospital

It is tea-time at St John’s hospital. Two surgeons, Mr Barker and Mrs Kaur are sitting and sipping their tea.

Mrs Kaur: Did you meet that young surgeon who came in on Monday? He was here for interview and I showed him around. He completed his training last year.

Mr Barker: No. I think I missed him. I must have been playing golf.

Mrs Kaur: Well he said something that really worried me.

Mr Barker: What was that?

Mrs Kaur: He started talking about ‘balancing the four humours’.

Mr Barker: The what?

Mrs Kaur: The four humours. It’s an old idea that nobody – I thought nobody – in medicine accepts today.

Mr Barker: Oh yes, I remember; Hippocrates and all that. 

Mrs Kaur: Yes. Well you have to question the state of training if surgeons are coming out of it talking about the four humours.

Mr Barker: Steady on! I think that’s a bit of an overreach! 

Mrs Kaur: I don’t think so. I mean, how could it happen?

Mr Barker: We don’t know. Were you at this guy’s training? You can’t know how it was presented. It could have been put forward as an idea to critique in order to develop critical thinking skills.

Mrs Kaur: I don’t think it was because he was talking as if it was fact.

Mr Barker: But you don’t know what the trainers intended. And anyway, it’s just one example and it’s from over a year ago so the training might have changed now.

Mrs Kaur: Do you think so?

Mr Barker: Yes. Nothing to worry about, I’m sure. Anyway, I need to go now. I have a lecture to give to some trainees.

cf. discussions about teacher training and learning styles 


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