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I am in the classroom ofJulian Malvolio atBayswater Elementary in Kunnunna, UE. He is setting up for theday; about to teach his Grade 5 creative writing class. We take five to have a chat about what’s bugging him.

“I wasfinding that the kids were just replicating a procedure. They weren’t thinking about it. There were just going through it.”

I have been thinking about this problemfor some time and, after much deliberation, I have decided that I am right. The crux-pointis one of a lack ofunderstanding. Sure, kids can go through some kind of procedure to write a story, select characters and so on. But the ways this isdone can be learnt and practised rote. There is much more to writing than simply placing words together, one after the other. Often, the writing is derivative, focusing on wizards and dragons.

This is why here, at the Extraordinary Learning…

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