If math is a 30cc 2-stroke garden leaf blower then where are all the leaves?

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Leaf blowers are annoying, right? They make noise and wake people up on Sundays and even Thursdays. They emit harmful carbon dioxide, are heavy to carry and are hard work for the user. And you have to wear ear defenders which look kinda dorky.

Leaves are what make a leaf blower worthwhile. Only when you see the ease with which a leaf blower can gracefully and efficiently corral leaves does it start to make sense as a piece of gardenmachinery. Better still, asksomeone to try to gather leaves with a simple table fork. After a few hours of this, see how readily they will accept the need for a leaf blower.

This whole metaphor – for it is a metaphor for something and we’ll see what that is in a minute – hit me the other day whilst I was watching a cool and zeitgeisty TV show. I immediately realized…

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2 thoughts on “If math is a 30cc 2-stroke garden leaf blower then where are all the leaves?

  1. Miss Friday says:

    The only problem being that leaf blowers are completely stupid (as proven by my Grade 8 science teacher). You blow the leaves into a pile, and unless you rake them up immediately, 2 days later the leaves are scattered all over your yard again. Why not use a vacuum instead?

    Applying this David Mitchell-esque logic to your metaphor, this would mean that math is completely stupid! Ergo, we shouldn’t teach math. Problem Solved!!

    Let’s go to lunch.

  2. Agreed, blower/vacs are far more effective as they take care of the problem from start to finish, rather than just half the job. Blowing the leaves into one particular area definitely makes them easier to vacuum up, but you need the vacuuming functionality there to make it truly worthwhile.

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