I’ve got a plan. See what you think.

I’m going to invent something called “Ashmaths”. It’s an intervention for those students who are making below-average progress in numeracy by the end of year one. Of course, it’s not suitable for all of these children and there needs to be some kind of selection process. Perhaps those children who aren’t suitable will need to be moved out of the intervention once this becomes clear (i.e. they don’t seem to be making much progress). I’ll come up with some sort of criteria.

Now what we are going to do is give a one-to-one intervention to these students for 30 minutes a week for about eight to twelve weeks. It will include like… er.. some maths. I will create proprietary training and charge people lots of money for it. Perhaps we’ll hold conferences and the like. Maybe we’ll make a thing about being able to solve problems lots of different ways. Or perhaps I’ll follow the fashion and go all traditional, drilling them in times-tables and maths facts. It doesn’t matter really; the point is that I’ll control all of that and you’ll have to pay for it if you want to call what you do “Ashmaths” which you will, because…

…next, we’ll start with the research. We’ll run my expensive one-to-one intervention against business-as-usual i.e. no intervention at all. I’m pretty sure that this will lead to positive results. After all, twelve one-to-one, half-hour maths sessions must be better than none, right?

Once we’ve got the evidence then we can start selling politicians and administrators on the benefits of my program. Moreover, people are likely to think that it’s my proprietary strategies that have had the effect. Why not? Let’s encourage them to think that. With a bit of luck, I might be able to sell materials into mainstream classrooms and perhaps influence how maths is taught there too. Pretty soon, even standard classroom teachers will want to come to my conference to see what it’s all about.

Sounds like a good plan.

3 thoughts on “Ashmaths

  1. I have a plan too! I am going to write some maths books for children and focus on one particular aspect of Maths. It’s a very important and necessary aspect but I am going to convince people it’s the only one that matters. How am I going to sell my resources? That’s tricky because I don’t have much credible evidence so I can’t convince people my way is the only way on the strength of what I am offering. So – my marketing strategy will be to try my hardest to write as many blogs and send as many tweets as possible about other programmes that do have evidence. That way people will think my way is the best way rather than there are lots of successful ways of problem solving situations. What a great plan and it might even make me rich so I will have even more time to write blogs and send tweets!

  2. Sounds good, but the key thing here is that you need to set it up as a non profit-making organisation (whilst of course still employing yourself and your employees at excellent salaries), and only sell the training, not the materials. This will put you on the moral high ground, should anyone else come up with a more effective method that does require materials, because you will be able to accuse them of being motivated solely by the desire to make a profit.

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