Stand-out teaching – minus differentiation

Every pupil is unique, but does meeting their needs have to mean creating countless variations of a lesson? The evidence says no

Ever since I started teaching I have felt guilty about differentiation. I can’t remember much about behaviour management from my training, but I do remember that differentiated teaching strategies came up a lot. Since then, I have periodically marvelled at those super teachers who seem to have it sorted.

Continues here on the TES website


3 Comments on “Stand-out teaching – minus differentiation”

  1. […] Stand-out teaching – minus differentiation […]

  2. chrismwparsons says:

    Thanks Greg. Great to be able to point my staff to an item such as this in the print version of the TES. Supports the points I tried to make in my post below – would value your thoughts on my summary at the end of that…

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